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Teresa Requena Pelegrí

Permanent lecturer and member of the Department of English and Germanic Philology at the Universitat de Barcelona since 1995. Her teaching has focused on American literature (19th and 20th century); English literature (19th and 20th century) and on the history and culture of both countries. Her research and publications show different research interests related to the correlation between literary production and cultural and historical aspects. One of them is the study of the 20th century American theatre and, particularly, the work of Gertrude Stein and other authors such as Adrienne Kennedy and Suzan-Lori Parks. She has published studies on the reception of the translation into catalan of the work of these authors. Currently, and in the context of the research project «Hombres de ficción: hacia una historia de la masculinidad a través de la literatura y el cine de los Estados Unidos, siglos XX y XXI» she has published articles on Ernest Hemingway and F.S. Fitzgerald which analyse the construction of different models of masculinity during the American Modernist period. Likewise, she is preparing different works on the representation of masculinities in American contemporary literature and, particularly, in the work of Jonathan Franzen and David Vann.

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Gertrude Stein: Teatro y vanguardia
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