Ramón Espejo

Ramón Espejo Romero is an Associate Professor of English and American Literature at the University of Seville, and currently serves as chair of the Departamento de Literatura Inglesa y Norteamericana. Both his teaching and research interests lie in the field of North American literature: colonial, 19th and 20th centuries. His publications include work on such diverse authors as Anne Bradstreet, Herman Melville, Edith Wharton, Eugene O’Neill, Tom Wolfe or Paul Auster, and he has co-edited collections of essays such as El teatro del género. El género del teatro. Las artes escénicas y la representación de la identidad sexual (Fundamentos, 2009), ¿Soy lo que ves? Cultura, identidad y representación homosexual (Septem, 2010) and Violence in American Drama. Essays on Its Staging, Meaning, and Effects (McFarland, 2011). The area where he has brought out specifically pioneering work has been that of American theater in Spain, bringing to light the way American playwrights Edward Albee and Arthur Miller have been produced and received in Spain over the past decades, and what their contributions to Spanish theater have been. Other than various articles on the subject, he published España y el teatro de Arthur Miller in 2010, and annotated editions of three works by Miller: Death of a Salesman, The Crucible, and A View from the Bridge, having also translated and published these three plays in Spanish for Cátedra. He is a member of two research groups: “Estudios Norteamericanos” (University of Seville) and “Seminario de Estudios Teatrales” (Universidad Complutense), has organized numerous conferences and seminars on various aspects of American literature and culture, and since 2008 is in charge of a postgraduate MA in Bilingual Education for primary and secondary teachers at the University of Seville.

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