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Nicolás Estévez Fuertes

Nicolás Estévez is a senior lecturer at the University of Valencia. (Spain). He has published many articles on teaching-learning EAP (English for Academic Specific Purposes) and has also co-written several chapters in books about reading and writing academic and scientific texts in English. In this field he has contributed as editor in the following books: La comunicación escrita en el siglo XXI (2012) and La Adquisición de las Segundas lenguas (L2) en el Marco del Nuevo Milenio (2013). American Literature has also been an important field in his curriculum, having published some articles about the reception of American Literature in the Press during the Spanish PostWar: Ernest Hemingway, Edgar Allan Poe, Arthur Miller, Eugene O’Neill and Tennessee Williams. Recently, he has collaborated with Paul Derrick and G. Torres Chalk on the translation and analysis of two volumes about La poesía temprana de Emily Dickinson, 2 & 3 (2012) and La poesía temprana de Emily Dickinson 4,5 & 6 (2014). Together with E. LLácer and A. Olivares he has collaborated in the volumen A 21st-Century Retrospective View About Edgar Allan Poe (2011).

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