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Juan Ignacio Guijarro González

Juan Ignacio Guijarro González is Associate Profesor of English at the University of Seville (Spain), where he mostly teaches courses on both U.S. Literature and U.S. Studies. He is currently a member of the Board of the Spanish Association of American Studies (SAAS), and he also serves in the Editorial Board of the Revista de Estudios Norteamericanos (REN). His research focuses mostly on literary, cultural, and historical aspects of the United States over the last one hundred years. Among others, he has worked on authors such as Francis Scott Fitzgerald, Langston Hughes, Richard Wright, Vladimir Nabokov, Arthur Miller, Toni Morrison, Tino Villanueva, E.L.Doctorow, Louise Erdrich, or Sherman Alexie; in addition, he has studied contemporary film directors like Spike Lee or John Sayles. In recent years, he has become deeply interested in exploring the dialogues between literature and other arts like film or music (especially jazz), on the one hand, and between the United States and the Spanish-speaking world, on the other.

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