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Fernando Beltrán Llavador

Fernando Beltrán Llavador is a senior lecturer and teacher trainer at Ávila’s School of Education (University of Salamanca). He is currently serving his tenth term as an International Thomas Merton Society Advisor. He also acted as an Advisor of the International Centre for Mystical Studies in Ávila for eight years, when he collaborated in the organization of interfaith, interdisciplinary conferences, which hosted speakers like Ueda Shizuteru, Chantal Maillard, and James Forest. He is author of two introductory books on Merton, La contemplación en la Acción: Thomas Merton and Encendida memoria: aproximación a Thomas Merton and translator of various Merton books into Spanish. He was invited to lecture on Merton at the Parliament of the World’s religions in 2004. He co-directed, with Dr. Paul M. Pearson, the First International Conference on Thomas Merton in Spain (in Ávila, in October 2006) and co-edited a bilingual edition of the proceedings, Seeds of Hope: The contemplative message of Thomas Merton. In June 2007 he was awarded a “Louie” by the ITMS for his contribution on an international level to the promotion of Merton’s writings. He works alongside Cistercian monks in Spain and has followed Zen training for over 25 years. As a teacher trainer he has also co-authored books, published articles and participated in different fora on the teaching of English at Primary and Secondary level, has been involved in International Teaching Practice schemes, and carries research on content and language integrated learning (CLIL) and intercultural communicative competences (ICC).

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