Elvira Pozo Aviñó

Elvira del Pozo is an ABD who holds an Undergraduate Degree in Law and a Master´s degree in Sociology. She has gained 14 years of experience in a career which began as a Social Academic Researcher at Easter Michigan University (USA) and at Universitat de Valencia, continued as a Market Researcher at a local agency in Spain and is currently specialized in International Market Research Studies at a multinational corporation. In her academic years, Elvira conducted Doctoral studies while she was also working as a research assistant, which allowed her to collaborate in numerous research projects both in the US and Spain. She also gained some teaching experience in the US and publishing in National and International Journal Magazines. Currently, she has gained experience in project management and result analysis. She is an Executive Researcher at GfK, a Market Research Business. She works at the Animal and Crop Department and is responsible for coordinating both national and international studies, with a greater focus on the latter. This position includes managing client proposals, briefings and setting up and executing both quantitative and qualitative studies. The management of studies involves the following responsibilities: desk research analysis, processing and coordinating field work, managing data processing, write-up and presentation of final reports. Simultaneously, Elvira is also responsible for occasionally managing the work of students who collaborate as Market Assistants. She has lived in Switzerland for 2 years and the United States for 8 years.

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