Carme Manuel

Carme Manuel is Professor of English in the Department de Filologia Anglesa i Alemanya at the Universitat de València, where she started lecturing on American literature in 1992. She has taught courses on the American Modernist novel, African American slave narratives, Harlem Renaissance literature, nineteenth- and twentieth- century drama and poetry, pre-Faulknerian Southern fiction, American ethnic literatures, among others. Her interests lie in African American studies and genre studies and she has published and lectured widely on nineteenth- and twentieth-century American and African American women writing. Among other publications, she has edited and is the author of the first Spanish translations of Our Nig (Harriet E. Wilson), Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl (Harriet A. Jacobs), Behind the Scenes (Elizabeth Keckley), and is the author of the first anthology published in Catalan of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century African American women poets. She has also written on Charles Brockden Brown, Mark Twain, George Washington Cable, Walt Whitman, Eugene O’Neill, among others. She is a reviewer for a number of both Spanish and American academic journals. She has also co-authored with Josep-Vicent Garcia i Raffi the first anthology and translation of Welsh poetry into Catalan, the biography of Welsh activist and translator Esyllt T. Lawrence, and a number of essays on Welsh language and teaching and its relation to Catalan language and teaching in the Comunitat Valenciana. Her research interests and publications focus on nineteenth- and twentieth-century fiction, with a special emphasis on African American women’s writing. In 2002 she founded the independent scholarly collection Biblioteca Javier Coy d’estudis nord-americans (PUV) devoted to publishing work on American studies. BJC has published more than one hundred volumes to date by Spanish, American and European scholars. She has been vice-president of the Spanish Association for American Studies (SAAS) since March 2012. She is currently completing a book on late nineteenth-century black women’s life writing. In 2013 she published her first novel, Llanceu la creu.

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