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Candela Delgado Marín

Candela Delgado Marín is a PhD candidate in American Literature from the Universidad de Sevilla. She is currently pursuing her doctoral research in London where she has been a fellow of the Eccles Center for American Studies at the British Library and a visiting fellow at King’s College London’s Institute of North American Studies. She is writing her dissertation on the communicative and stylistic employment of silence in literature. She has been a lecturer at the Universidad de Sevilla, designing, developing and teaching undergraduate and postgraduate courses on Literature, Bilingual Education, and Teaching Methodology. She has published articles and book chapters on visual artists, short fiction and American Studies, with contributions ranging from CLIL methodology, Sandra Cisneros and Border Literature to Bobbie Ann Mason and the American South. Essays of her have appeared in The Journal of North American Studies and

Transatlantica. Her most recent work is a co-edited volume on American cultural identity published by *Javier Coy Series*.

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